At Behreandt Visuals, we spend a lot of time outdoors, walking in the woods and looking for interesting perspectives on the Midwest landscape. This year, what we noticed in particular was the long, deep grasp winter had on the land. It seemed like for months and months the world was encased in a coating of white snow and frost, with only dead, brown stalks and stems left behind in its wake. It seemed to take forever for life to return to the wild.

Finally, it did return, and when it did it exploded on the scene with a vengeance. Recent days have seen an eruption of color: every shade of green punctuated with bright bursts of color from Spring wildflowers. In recent days, we've seen regular and sometimes heavy rain. Coupled with the season's first warm temperatures, this has the woods bursting with vigorous growth. We've documented this year's amazing Spring in sharp, bright photos that would look great on any wall. Here are some samples:

A bridge at Heckrodt Wetlands      


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