We were honored to be a part of Chris and Cheryl's wedding on August 27, 2016. Prior to the wedding, we interviewed the couple about their love for one another and how they met. We began their love story by arriving at a place that had a special meaning to them. Chris had been renovating an historic family barn and this was to be the location of their wedding reception.

On our arrival, we realized that the perfect backdrop to conduct the interviews was the stone wall that Chris labored so hard to restore. We used two cameras -- the XF300 and Canon XC10. Lighting the scene were two small LED lights from Ikan, the Micro Spot and the Micro Flood, with the latter as key light. This setup was pushing these lights beyond the envelope of what is really their intended use as on-camera fill and, sometimes as accent lights. But, as part of a travel kit, they work well enough to step in where more powerful lights often are called for. Their performance was good enough, especially because the XF300 with the latest firmware and shooting with the Wide DR profile performs very well in low light. And the XC10 is similarly good in low light situations. 

In addition to finding out more about this wonderful couple, we had the opportunity to talk with Chris and Cheryl's mothers. Our plan was to interview the mothers and include the audio of them discussing their child as they grew up. This would then be incorporated into a slideshow of images that would be played at the reception. It was such a pleasure to meet both of these lovely ladies, and their memories of Chris and Cheryl as they were growing up made the slideshow even more special. 

After the interviews in the barn, we proceeded to shoot b-roll for the love story. With some slow motion effects and a nice looking couple surrounded by lush green farm land, a bright blue sky, and a freshly painted red barn — it wasn't hard to capture amazing footage.

A few weeks later, we went to a Timber Rattlers minor-league baseball game with Chris and Cheryl. This was where they first met and using our XC10 camera, we followed them as they walked down memory land and reenacted the day Chris asked Cheryl for her phone number. 

Thank you to this amazing couple for allowing us to go down memory lane with them and capture their heartwarming love story.  

Congratulations on your Wedding!