It was last year when we sat down at the Copper Rock Cafe — a local coffee shop located in downtown Appleton, Wisconsin — with Nikki Wiszus and Ramsey Riehl. The coffee shop was buzzing with customers, the air was filled with the smells of baked goods, and the aroma of coffee was deliciously intense.

As we waited — arriving a bit ahead of schedule — I sipped on my heavenly cappuccino and wondered about our next potential clients. What would they be like? Would they be interested in our video or photography services? How about Engagement photos, a Love Story Video, Wedding website, or Reception Slideshow? These questions would be answered soon enough, I thought, as I closed down the lid of my computer and took a deep breath and immersed myself in the tantalizing bouquet of the coffee shop.

As I mused over the aromas, I suddenly realized that Ramsey and Nikki — who entered from the back entrance — were standing by our table. Standing up, my hand outstretched to greet them, their faces beamed with smiles and a sense of excitement seemed to pulse through the entire room. Sitting down and gazing at their smiling faces, I thought about how lucky we are to witness those exciting and giddy moments in time as engagement couples plan for their wedding day.

Nikki and Ramsey's Engagement Photography Session at Door County, Wisconsin.As shown in the video below, Nikki and Ramsey chose an engagement photo session as part of their package. Known for its amazing scenery, Door County was selected as one of the photo shoot locations. Prior to the photo shoot, we stopped at Root Bistro and Wine Bar in Sturgeon Bay for a scrumptious lunch and to get further acquainted. We absolutely loved chatting with Nikki and Ramsey and we were so thrilled that we had the extra time to get to know them better. Now that we were more relaxed and our hunger “rooted”, we were off to our photo location. 

Once again and not to our surprise — the surroundings served as gorgeous photo backdrops. With a great location, a couple that was extremely patient and willing to work with us through numerous poses, a striking and cheerful young woman, and a handsome young man with an amazing and infectious smile, the day for photography was perfect. 

Nikki and Ramsey's Engagement Photography Session at High Cliff State Park in Sherwood, Wisconsin.The next photo session took place at High Cliff State Park located in Sherwood, Wisconsin. It’s a popular park for photography due to the limestone cliffs, walking paths, and Lake Winnebago shoreline. We again captured some amazing moments and had a lot of fun with Nikki and Ramsey. As the skies darkened, we began to pack up our gear, satisfied but a little sad to see the engagement photo session come to an end. Just about to close down the hatch on the vehicle, I hear a soft voice behind me saying, “We have something for you.”  I turn around to see Nikki holding out a card. “It’s not a big deal,” she stated. “Just a little something.” 

During this time we met two very kind and loving people who were not just our clients, but who have become wonderful friends. To us, this really wasn’t “just a little something”. It meant so much to Dennis and I to receive this card and note of appreciation. We are extremely thankful and blessed to be asked to capture the precious moments of such a special couple. Thank you Nikki Wiszus and Ramsey Riehl!

 Thank you card from clients for Engagement Photos.


We asked Ramsey and Nikki  to choose 25 of their favorite photos. Here they are: