Andrew, the owner at a new MMA and fitness studio in Appleton, Wisconsin, contacted us to find out if we could photograph his club's grand opening. Sure we can, we told him!

For it's grand opening, Resurgence MMA held two classes, one focused on basic moves and physical fitness and another focussed on grappling. The night finished up with Andrew, the owner and lead educator, and several of his top students, putting on a sparring exhibition for the crowd.

The grand opening was a big success. The new club had dozens of people in attendance for the classes and exhibition, and we were able to capture the action of the classes and the sparring. The night was filled with enthusiasm and with a showcase of both fighting technique and attention to helping students at all levels make gains in the sport, their fitness goals and in ensuring their confidence and personal security.

One thing that stood out was the staff's dedication to the students. Andrew, along with the experienced students at the studio, never ceased to give cheerful, personal instruction to each student as they needed it. 

Andrew, center (grey shirt) instructs the class on stance and posture.


Andrew explains MMA techniques to students at Resurgence MMA.


Students stretch before starting their workout at Resurgence MMA.


Students look on as Andrew instructs the class on MMA moves.


Working on punches.


 A student practices form for punches.


A student prepares for sparring.


 Andrew demonstrates MMA techniques.


 Students put on a sparring exhibition for attendees of the Grand Opening.


 Portrait of Andrew, owner and lead educator at Resurgence MMA in Appleton, Wisconsin.

Andrew and his team are taking new students. They offer a family-friendly atmosphere in which to train for fun, fitness, and improved self-defense. It seems that their rates are quite reasonable as well and they offer a very clean, up-to-date training space outfitted with high quality mats and equipment. Check them out here: