We offer a variety of services, including portraits, headshots, event coverage, weddings and commercial work. We love shooting this work for our clients, but we also love creating fine art landscapes. We shoot these with specific print styles in mind. We created this beautiful image, for example, as one that would be tailored specifically for printing on canvas. 

This image is a November sunset over Lake Winnebago in Northeast Wisconsin. Denise took this image from the shore at High Cliff State Park just as the fleeting magenta and orange hues of a classic midwest sunset were fading away. It is a contemplative and romanticized image in the style of the Hudson River School, an approach to landscapes that became the artistic embodiment of the American frontier spirit of the mid- to late 19th century. Though the approach fell out of favor with the dawning of the 20th century, appreciation of the Hudson River School's themes and approach to landscapes has seen something of a Renaissance. Perhaps that is driven now, as it was then, by the realization that the ineffable beauty and mystic power of the American landscape was under threat from technological change. Then, the threat was the industrial revolution. Now, it is the digital one that seems to be decoupling the human spirit from analog reality. 

We continue to find the Hudson River School compelling, and we produce fine art landscapes in that tradition. Look for more like Sunset Over Lake Winnebago coming soon.

Sunset Over Lake Winnebago, Seen From High Cliff State Park -- Available in a limited edition print on canvas