The winter of 2011 was one of the snowiest on record in Northeast Wisconsin. The constant snowfall was a challenge for everyone, including the local wildlife. On February 20th of that year, this Chickadee huddled into the protective branches of a snow covered tree to try and shelter from what was called by local weather forecasters "Winter Storm Dana." The storm was expected to produce a foot or more of snowfall, along with wind gusts up to 40 mph resulting in white out conditions. This photo was taken on the morning of the storm, just as it was starting to strengthen. About 5 inches of snow had already fallen, and while temperatures hovered around 20 degrees F., the strong winds made it feel much, much colder. We spent about an hour outside working with this bird in the storm. It seemed glad for the company.

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At Behreandt Visuals, we spend a lot of time outdoors, walking in the woods and looking for interesting perspectives on the Midwest landscape. This year, what we noticed in particular was the long, deep grasp winter had on the land. It seemed like for months and months the world was encased in a coating of white snow and frost, with only dead, brown stalks and stems left behind in its wake. It seemed to take forever for life to return to the wild.

Finally, it did return, and when it did it exploded on the scene with a vengeance. Recent days have seen an eruption of color: every shade of green punctuated with bright bursts of color from Spring wildflowers. In recent days, we've seen regular and sometimes heavy rain. Coupled with the season's first warm temperatures, this has the woods bursting with vigorous growth. We've documented this year's amazing Spring in sharp, bright photos that would look great on any wall. Here are some samples:

A bridge at Heckrodt Wetlands      


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ThedaCare and Appleton Papers have teamed up to bring onsite health care to nearly 900 employees at Appleton Papers' headquarters in Appleton, Wisconsin. The new clinic offers a friendly and welcoming environment for employees and their families in a convenient location.

Officials from both ThedaCare and Appleton wanted to display colorful images of people and places from around Northeast Wisconsin in the clinic. Working with our collection of images from the region, they selected several large prints for framing and hanging in the clinic lobby, conference room, hallway, exam rooms, and offices.

In addition, we worked with the clinic's staff to create a selection of photographs supporting healthy eating and lifestyles for the office used by the clinic's health coaches.

In total, Appleton and ThedaCare selected a total of 13 large prints for display in the new facility. We're proud and honored to help Appleton and ThedaCare create a welcoming environment for those working in and visiting the new clinic.

ThedaCare at work conference room at Appleton Papers.

The conference room in the new clinic at Appleton Papers.

Details of images from Behreandt Visuals on display at the clinic at Appleton Papers.

Images on display in the conference room at the clinic at Appleton Papers.

Our image of the Fox River at the Thousand Islands Environmental Center on display in the hall at the Appleton Papers / ThedaCare Clinic.

First snow on pine boughs

Pine boughs sway under a thick crystalline blanket after the first snow of the season.

Hanging branches

A cluster of tree branches hanging over Lake Winnebago will soon be covered with the first snow of the winter season.


White Rose