There is satisfaction in witnessing a couple's love —the adoring eyes, affectionate smiles, the tender touch of hands, the sweet laughter — before they say “I do”. And with every couple, each has a unique story. At Behreandt Visuals, we are passionate about telling those love stories — and providing wedding couples with a beautiful memento.

It was last year when we sat down at the Copper Rock Cafe — a local coffee shop located in downtown Appleton, Wisconsin — with Nikki Wiszus and Ramsey Riehl. The coffee shop was buzzing with customers, the air was filled with the smells of baked goods, and the aroma of coffee was deliciously intense.

When Wally Byam invented the Airstream, he just wanted a way to keep his wife comfortable when camping. His first attempt, according to the company he founded, was a tent pitched on the chassis of a Ford Model T. According to Airstream, “His wife didn’t much care for the experience, so he built a permanent structure on the platform.” From that small start, the iconic silver bullet trailer was born.

Mid-March. Half rain, half snow, some sleet. Four AM. A cold wind steady out of the north. Not the best time to be outside. But a great time to take photos of empty city streets, where usually they are choked by cars and people.

Affinity photo is a new alternative to the ubiquitous Photoshop from Adobe. It offers all the basics you might need for most photo processing, but it also offers some very nice extras, including an ability to stitch panoramas and to produce HDR images. How well does it work?

February 12, 2017 saw the second running of the Fat Cupid Classic fat bike race in Appleton, Wisconsin. For the second year in a row, the race was held by the Northeast Wisconsin Trails organization at Art Lecker Park, and sponsored in part by our good friends at the Recyclist Bicycle Company of Kaukauna. Check them out if you're ever in need of a fat, or non-fat bike. We took a couple cameras, and a selection of lenses, to get some shots of the action. 

We are often reminded through the media of imagery how beautiful and interesting life truly is in Wisconsin. Whether it is a young girl taking a walk with her father on one of Wisconsin’s wooded trails or the fluffy white Wisconsin snow lightly sprinkling a chickadee — Wisconsin reveals many stories and provides many magical scenes. As explorers with cameras in hand, we search for that story — that image that stimulates a powerful emotion — and ones that are instantly engaging or create a state of contemplation.